Barry MacDonald Headshot

6th Annual Literacy & Learning Day Conference

Date:       April 19th, 2008

Venue:     N.A.I.T

# Registered:   808

Keynote Speaker:   Dr. Barry MacDonald

Keynote Topic:       GenderSmarts

# of Workshops:      55

Additional Information:

-     Dr. MacDonald also spoke in a break-out workshop about positive parenting in the digital age.

-     Unique to this conference with the assistance of EPSB and the Chinese Multicultural Association, one workshop was presented in the Mandarin language, and one conference accommodated parents from various cultural backgrounds by having 6 language translators on hand to “live-translate” when required.

-     Participants of the 2008 conference reiterated the value of the day to not only themselves, but those with whom they would interact within their lives.

2008 Acknowledgements: