Robert Ocker Headshot

9th Annual Literacy & Learning Day Conference

Date:       April 9th, 2011

Venue:     Grant MacEwan University

# Registered:   461

Keynote Speaker:   Robert Ocker

Keynote Topic:       The Parent Shift

# of Workshops:      40

Additional Information:

-       Robert Paul Ocker is a Professional School Counselor from Wisconsin Public Schools and contributing author to The Indigo Children (www.indigochild.com)

-       In addition to the Keynote Address, there were two break-out workshops offered by Robert

-       40 volunteer educators and professionals provided their expertise and experiences in 40 highly regarded and appreciated workshops.

This FREE TO ATTEND conference is organized entirely by volunteers, and paid for through donations from organizations and individuals in the Edmonton community. 

2011 Acknowledgements: