Session A Workshops

Session A: 9:45am - 11:00am


1) NEW | kids are worth it! Parenting with Wit & Wisdom

Barbara Coloroso

A session jam-packed with solid, practical advice for parents of children from toddlers to teenagers that shows how to utilize the very stuff of family life - chores, mealtime, sibling rivalry, toilet training, bedtime, allowances and more - to create a home environment in which children can become self-disciplined, compassionate, responsible, resourceful, resilient human beings who can act in their own best interest, stand up for themselves and exercise their own rights while respecting the rights and legitimate needs of others. Barbara will discuss the keys to good parenting: treating kids with respect; giving them a sense of positive power in their own lives; giving them opportunities to make decisions, take responsibility for their actions and learn from their successes and mistakes.

2) REVISED | Why Some Children Struggle to Learn to Read

Kathryn Burke - Centre for Literacy

For some children, learning to read is easy; they seem to effortlessly gain the ability to read. Other children struggle with reading, often surprising parents and teachers alike. Explore the critical skills a child needs to learn to become a good reader. Learn some of the factors that may cause some children to struggle with both reading and writing.
Take away strategies and approaches that can be used to help struggling readers, and activities that can be used to build foundational literacy skills amongst pre-schoolers.

3) REVISED | How to Raise Kids Who Thrive in the Digital Age

Jacqueline Green - The Great Parenting Show

The time to educate yourself on media use is NOW. Technology can undermine your parenting and your child’s education. The sooner you learn how to deal with digital issues like addiction to social media, sexting, cyberbullying, the better. You will leave this workshop armed with knowledge about what media is most harmful and tips on how to harness technology for good while steering clear of the serious pitfalls.

4) REVISED | Understanding Learning

Lorraine Lastiwka

Are you wondering how your child’s brain learns? Why do they learn some things better than others? Are there things that you can do as a parent to improve your child’s ability to learn? In this session, you will learn important factors that will enhance your child’s ability to learn, and improve the way you learn too!

5) NEW | Math Play: Best Strategies to Play Math With Your Children

Roger Moore & Isabelle Reid

"I tried to teach my child with books; He gave me only puzzled looks. I tried to teach my child with words; They passed by him often unheard. Despairingly, I turned aside 'How shall I teach this child,' I cried? Into my hand he put the key, 'Come,' he said, 'And play with me'." Author unknown
Amaze yourself and play in this fast-paced workshop. Learn ways to play with math anytime, anywhere: while reading, shopping, traveling, waiting. Math is everywhere once you start seeing it with your children. Learn best strategies to help your children play (and learn) math.

6) NEW | The Music Effect: How Music Enhances Learning

Wendy Chorley & Sharla Quantz

Is it possible that music is the missing link in your child's educational pursuits? Could music actually "light up" those parts of the brain concerned with motor and reasoning? Might music education optimize brain function? The answer is a resounding yes! Come and find out more about why the best decision you could make for your child's academic future is strongly linked to early music education. Research on how music enhances pre-literacy and math skills will also be explored.

7) NEW | Importance of Mind-Body Well-Being from Childhood

Ritu Chawla Ray - Kosha Alignment and Wellness Centre

The art of coordination between food, body, mind, and social-emotional well-being starts right in childhood. When we make a conscious effort to teach our kids how to take responsibility for their own well-being by making mindful food and lifestyle choices and habits, that is what will create responsible adults which means a more peaceful and joyful world.

8) NEW | Fentanyl Awareness 101

Cpl. Brad McIntosh - RCMP K Division, CLEAR Team

Join Cpl. McIntosh as he presents how different versions of Fentanyl and other toxic opioids appear, how Fentanyl has emerged in Canada, and how we may be able to protect ourselves from its harmful effects. This opioid crisis is affecting Canadians across the country, and especially in Alberta. Be aware and be prepared!

9) NEW | Managing Child & Adolescent Anxiety

Laurie Young, MC, CCC, BA, CYC - Alberta Health Services

Anxiety is more common than you may think. Everyone experiences anxiety and that's a good thing! Anxiety is useful in some situations like preparing for important events or reacting to dangerous situations. However, anxiety can also be destructive or crippling, especially if not managed appropriately. When is anxiety not helpful? What strategies tend to make anxiety stronger?
According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, anxiety is the most common mental health complaint amongst children and adolescents today. Join Laurie to obtain information relating to the natural purpose of anxiety and signs that a child or adolescent is experiencing anxiety that is no longer helpful. Parents/caregivers will have the opportunity to gain increased awareness of this mental health condition, learn about practical strategies and resources to support children and adolescents during times of worry and transition such as changing schools, grade transitions, and exam preparation and writing.