Session B Workshops

Session B: 2:15pm - 3:15pm


10) NEW | It Starts With You: Learn How to Meditate Workshop for Parents & Children E/J/S

Susan Agrios - Agrios MindFitness

1-11 minutes a day could change your life! Join Susan as she teaches you a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques for parents/caregivers and kids. She will show you how you can integrate this into your life at home to create a calmer, more relaxing environment. As a K-12 school teacher, Susan quickly realized kids were stressed and anxious as young as 7 or 8 years old. Many kids in her class were labelled ADD/ADHD, unable to focus, concentrate or even sit still. There was bullying, depression, anger issues, insomnia and the list goes on and on.
Many of the teachers and parents were dealing with this too. Susan developed a TIME OUT Mindfulness Training Kit that includes mindfulness exercises, meditation and mindfulness techniques (3-11 minutes) for relaxation, stress reduction, self-regulation, memory, concentration, focus and depression. It’s simple and easy to do! All you need is YOU!

11) NEW | Building a Brain: The Brain Architecture Game

Meg Fortier - Early Years Coalition for North Central Edmonton

A brief overview of research on early childhood brain development including different types of stress, the importance of nurturing relationships, the ACEs Study, and executive function. Participants will play the Brain Architecture Game following the introduction, which demonstrates how real-life childhood experiences might affect the developing brain.

12) NEW | Being the Voice for Change in the Education System

Ellie Shuster - Learning Disablilities Association of Alberta
Greta Gerstner - Strategic Alliance for Alberta Students with Learning Challenges

These two organizations are working in partnership to engage the wider educational community to move forward in supporting inclusive learning. This is a new Alberta-wide initiative comprised of parents and front-line service providers who work daily with students with learning challenges. We believe that everyone needs to play a part in helping to advocate for supports and resources needed to help students be successful within the school system.
Join Ellie & Greta as they present information on:
1. Mandatory early screening for learning and developmental challenges.
2. Changing class compositions and class sizes.
3. Enhanced teacher training specifically for all learning challenges.

13) NEW| Game On: Using Video Games as Tools for Creation & Imagination

Edmonton Public Library

Just like books, video games come in all sorts of different genres, and just like books they can be used to stimulate creativity, imagination, problem-solving, and collaboration in kids. Join librarians from the Edmonton Public Library as they show you how to turn video games from recreation into education. Learn their tips and tricks for harnessing the creative potential of popular games like Minecraft and Roblox, and discover how video game making and design opens up a whole new world of literacy possibilities.

14) REVISED | NO TEARS, NO FEARS – You Won’t Believe It’s Math

Geri Lorway - Thinking 101

Math without TEARS, Math without FEARS...Attitude is everything when it comes to math. Yes, you can help at home...this workshop will show you how! This interactive workshop will focus on strategies and skills that you were likely never aware of as a learner. Memorizing alone is not enough....engage your child in wanting to know more, in wanting to learn, understand, and remember. During this presentation, Geri will introduce you to a variety of mini practice tasks that will support the development of a rich and lasting sense of number, number relationships and number facts. If you joined Geri last year, don't shy away - the tasks and takeaways are different each year.

15) NEW | Supporting Children Coping with FASD

Tracy Mastrangelo - Wellness Resiliency and Partnerships

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is the leading developmental disability in the world. Children with FASD are among the most vulnerable in our schools. Daily struggles lead to disengagement, poor choices, social pressures and exclusion from school and community. Supporting success with these complex and vulnerable children can be difficult and overwhelming. However, with shared understandings, relationships and creative opportunities, solutions to success can be achieved. Join Tracy in this workshop as she explores the importance of strong relationships amongst the child's support team. Together you will look at ways to activate collaborative teams and networks, offer parent support and discuss how to best define pathways to success for all youth.

16) REVISED | Supporting Your Child’s Literacy Development

Laura L Comfort - Limitless Literacy Society

What is literacy? Why is it so important? How can you help support your child's development beyond the classroom to ensure their success? Literacy affects every aspect of a person’s journey from before school begins, through their school years and into the workplace. In this session, you will learn about literacy and discover some tools to use to support your child on their journey.

17) REVISED | Inside an Eating Disorder

Marianne Robertson

Peer pressure. Low self-esteem. A need to fit in or a desire to emulate an idolized movie star or model. Any or all of these can trigger an emotional crisis that results in an eating disorder, and it can happen at any age. If you are concerned that your child, or even someone you know may be suffering from an eating disorder, the information in this workshop might help you understand what you're facing and give you some ideas about how to deal with it.
Marianne takes you through her own 10-year battle with anorexia - how the nightmare started, how bad it got, her family's reactions and attempts to find her help, and how she was finally able to find some kind of normal. She will follow her story with a summary of types of eating disorders, symptoms, what to look for, and some ideas on how to help. Warning: Some graphic descriptions.

18) REVISED | Understanding Canadian History Using the Blanket Exercise

Kristen Miller - Edmonton Public Schools -- First Nations, Métis and Inuit Department

Sixteen years ago, the Aboriginal Rights Coalition worked with Indigenous elders and teachers to develop an interactive way of learning Canadian history most Canadians are never taught. The Blanket Exercise was the result and Canadian schools are using this as a history teaching method on a regular basis. The exercise uses blankets to represent the lands of what is now called Canada, and the distinct cultures and nations which live on those lands to this day. As a participant, you will represent the First Peoples; when you move onto the blankets, you will be taken back in time to the arrival of the Europeans. The Narrator and a European work with the participants to read a script while the exercise goes through the history of treaty-making, colonization and resistance that resulted in the nation we today call Canada. Join Kristen and Students as they guide you through this thoughtful and powerful experience. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn what your kids are learning in school!