Session C Workshops

Session C: 3:30pm - 4:30pm


19) REVISED | Maker, Shaker, Tinker, Thinker: Unlock the Genius in Every Child

Geri Lorway - Thinking 101

Tinkering teaches adults and children to take risks, ask questions, wonder, invent, experiment and TRY. Taking things apart with the intent to put them back together builds life skills that cannot be developed with an APP on an iPad.
During this highly engaging presentation you will participate in a range of activities that you can do at home to positively impact your child's development in both literacy and numeracy. Each year the tasks are different as we make, shake, tinker and thinker.

20) NEW | High Impact Science on a Low Budget

Jeffrey Newton - Alberta Science Network, Edmonton Branch

Come watch fun, impressive and low-cost science demonstrations that can easily be done at home or in a classroom. Actively participate, as you learn how and why they work!

21) NEW | Exploring CAREER Opportunities

Janis Lawrence-Harper - CAREERS: The Next Generation

Join Janis in this information packed session that works to connect Alberta youth with career awareness and exploration options in high school that are facilitated by CAREERS: The Next Generation and others. You will look at trends in the Alberta occupational market, impacts that career exploration can have, and links to high school courses. As parents, we help our youth navigate life and this includes the step beyond high school. By becoming informed, we can help our teenagers broaden their lines of sight, and explore a wide range of careers including ones that are just starting to emerge. Attend this session to expand your knowledge and your teen’s horizons.

22) NEW | Telus WISE: Internet & Smartphone Safety & Security

Telus WISE

Telus WISE (Wise Internet & Smartphone Education) engages Canadians of all ages in a discussion about Internet and smartphone safety to help keep ourselves, our families and communities safer from online criminal activity such as financial fraud and cyberbullying. This program for adults, including parents and caregivers, includes access to a wealth of online safety resources.

23) NEW | An Introduction to Gender Diversity at School

Courtney Cliff - PRIDE Centre

This session is for parents who are new to ideas of gender diversity (gender fluid, transgender) and are curious about the kinds of policy changes and actions to create safer environments for students who express their gender in independent ways. Using video, discussion and resources, parents can become more comfortable and knowledgeable with the diversity of gender expression and gender identity presenting in Alberta schools.

24) NEW | CALM LIFE: Mindfulness & Meditation Techniques for Adults & Kids

Susan Agrios - Agrios MindFitness

Your mind follows your breath. The key to controlling your mind is controlling your breath. Tired? Exhausted? Stressed? That’s why Susan, former K-12 school teacher, created this workshop for you.
Take time out to deeply relax your body and mind as Susan guides you through a meditation (yoga nidra) and teaches you simple and easy ways to learn meditations, some as short as 1-3 minutes in length. Susan will show you how to integrate these techniques into your daily life so you won’t feel as drained or burnt out by the end of the day. She will also teach you some quick and simple movement and breath exercises to help you refocus or “wake up” when your mind is wandering and you get that tired, sleepy feeling. This is a session you definitely don’t want to miss!

25) NEW | Relaxation, Breathing and Guided Imagery for Stressed Out Kids (and Adults)

Vanessa Pouliot - Glow Yoga

Kids have stress in their life - it's undeniable! Our world is so much faster, there's so much pressure from school, socially, at home, and they also have stressed out role models! This is a big deal because prolonged stress can profoundly undermine learning, mental health and brain development in young people. In this session, learn techniques for relaxation, breathing and guided imagery to help children of all ages bring more peace and serenity into their lives (and yours).

26) REVISED | Financial Literacy: Talk to Your Kids About Money

Debbie Vance - Canadian Foundation for Economic Education

Did you know that the 3rd Wednesday in April is "Talk With Our Kids About Money Day"? Join Debbie and take away the "free resources" available to parents to support financial literacy. She aims to support parents in their efforts to help their children learn about money, and to prepare for the financial decisions and responsibilities ahead. Learn fun, engaging, and educational ways to help your children learn more about money - and how to handle it.

27) NEW | Shining a Light on Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Other Learning Disabilities

Rachel Williams - E2 Academy

So your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability - now what?!? This session aims to demystify learning disabilities for parents and teachers and to provide practical strategies that can be easily implemented at home and school. Participants will not only learn what a learning disability is but also explore what it means on a day to day basis in their home or classroom.