Agenda and Minutes

Policy Type: Operational [3]

Subtype: Management [B]

The Literacy and Learning Day Society of Edmonton endeavours to apply clear and consistent practices related to the duties vested in the Board of Directors by the Charities Act, the Societies Act, other legislation and the members of the Society. Accurate, organized and timely Agendas and Minutes contribute to the transparency, credibility and efficiency of the Society and the Board.

1. Agendas:

a. The preparation of the draft agenda for all meetings of the Board of Directors is the responsibility of the President.

b. The draft agenda is available to all other Directors a minimum of 48 hours prior to the meeting.

c. The President will call for suggestions of additional agenda items at the time the draft agenda is made available, however has the discretion to place suggested non-essential and/or non-time sensitive agenda items on a subsequent agenda in the interest of time.

d. The President may allow for the addition of agenda items during the meetings, however is not obligated to do so and may require suitable justification from the Director requesting the addition.

e. The following is the format of all agendas for meetings of the Board of Directors:

i. Call to Order
ii. Approval of the Agenda (requiring a motion)
iii. Approval of the Minutes (requiring a motion)
iv. Financial Report (requiring a motion)
v. Financial Transactions to Date
vi. Financial Status to Date
vii. Other Financial Matters overseen by the Treasurer
viii. Committee Reports
ix. Old Business (Items not concluded in previous meetings)
x. New Business (Including relevant correspondence items)
xi. Next Meeting Dates
xii. Adjournment

2. Minutes:
a. The preparation of the draft minutes for all meetings of the Board of Directors is the responsibility of the Secretary.

b. The draft minutes are available to all other Directors within 2 weeks after the meeting; sooner if meeting frequency is less than 4 calendar weeks.

c. The minutes of board meetings are approved, as presented or as amended, by the Board at the next regular meeting of the Board.

d. The minutes are a concise, accurate and easily understood summary of the business conducted at the meetings. They contain all motions, recommendations, decisions and actions to be undertaken by specific Directors or the Board as a whole, as well as attachments of any written reports or information items submitted by committees or Directors.

f. The minutes do not contain detailed conversations, specific comments or personal opinions, unless specifically requested by the Board.

g. The minutes and all relevant attachments are kept in a secure location for a period of 7 years.

Policy Adopted on: March 3, 2013
Last Reviewed: April 18, 2015
Review Date: April, 2017