Policy Type: Operational [3]

Subtype: Governance [A]

The Literacy and Learning Day Society of Edmonton is a Registered Canadian Charity which is incorporated in the Province of Alberta, and as such must maintain a membership base in order to continue operations. The Board of Directors must have a clear understanding of what Membership requirements, types, responsibilities and privileges the Society recognizes.

1. As outlined in the Bylaws of the Society:

a. Any person residing in Alberta and being of the full age of 18 years is eligible to pay the membership fee and become a member of the Society with voting privileges at any meeting of the Society. Membership fees in the Society shall be determined from time to time, by the members at an Annual General Meeting. Members in good standing are expected to behave in accordance with the bylaws and objectives of the Society.

b. Any member wishing to withdraw from membership may do so upon a notice in writing or verbally to the Board through its Secretary. Membership must be renewed annually. If the membership fee is not paid, membership will be revoked. Any member, upon a majority vote of all members of the Society in good standing and present at a Special Meeting called for that purpose, may be suspended or expelled from membership for any cause which the Society may deem reasonable.

c. Any member having a personal pecuniary gain or conflict of interest in any matter being discussed by the Society is required to declare such and absent himself/herself from any discussion or vote on such matter.

2. The length of the membership term shall be determined, from time to time, by the members at a general meeting.

3. Membership will be broken into categories as follows:

a. Individual Membership – those individuals who pay the fee and meet the requirements as outlined above. It is at the discretion of the Board to waive, or reduce, the membership fee in the case of special circumstances.

b. Sponsor Membership – those individuals, organizations and businesses who have supported the Society at a minimum of the “GOLD DONOR” level as outlined in our Fundraising Policy.

4. Any person wishing to be elected as a Director of the Board must be a member in good standing, as outlined in the bylaws of the society.

5. Any person wishing to be appointed as a Coordinator by the Board must be a member in good standing.

6. Payment for membership will be accepted at any time during the membership year.

7. Membership purchases made during the conference day may be made by credit card, cash or cheque. Online membership purchases will be by credit card only.

8. Requests for membership refunds must be received within 10 business days after the membership purchase and may be subject to an administration fee.

9. Membership benefits may include at minimum the following:

a. Two brochures mailed directly to each Member

b. Early registration for next year’s conference

c. Priority check-in line at the conference

d. Reserved seating area during Keynote speaker

e. Voting privileges at general meetings of the society.

Policy Adopted on: November 12, 2012
Last Reviewed: March 19, 2016
Next Review Date: March 2018