Partnerships with Local Businesses

Policy Type: Operational [3]

Subtype: Governance [A]

The Literacy and Learning Day Society of Edmonton may from time to time find it in their best interest to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with local businesses, such as Independent Consultants for direct sales companies, in order to fulfill their Mission.

1. The Board may decide to host fundraising events, in partnership with local businesses, during which all, or a portion, of the proceeds from the sales at the event will be donated to the Society in return for recognition as a Financial Donor as outlined in our Fundraising Policy.

2. The Board will require that the specific details of each event / donation will be documented in writing, by a contract signed by both parties. This contract will include the following:

a. Date(s) & Times for the event
b. Name of the Business being partnered with including the name of the Consultant / Business Owner being paid
c. Venue where the event will be held
d. Percentage of Sales which will be donated
e. When the Society can expect to receive the donation
f. How free, discounted, or reward items will be handled
g. What the Society expects from the Business
h. What the Business expects from the Society

3. Partnerships will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Successful applicants will have been able to demonstrate their like-mindedness to the objectives of the Society. Past contributions and dealings with the Society will be taken into consideration.

Policy Adopted on: March 19, 2016
Last Reviewed:
Next Review Date: March 2018