Transportation of Keynote Speaker(s)

Policy Type: Operational [3]

Subtype: Implementation [C]

In keeping with being a world-class conference, Literacy and Learning Day will provide transportation for keynote speakers at no cost to themselves.

By Board Delegate:

1. Ideally, Literacy and Learning Day board of directors will appoint a delegate to transport the keynote speaker (and partner when applicable) from their point of arrival to their accommodations. Appropriate arrangements will also be made for the transportation of the keynote speaker to and from the conference and back to their accommodations or their departure point (i.e.: Airport or Train Station).

2. Any person transporting the keynote speaker must carry a minimum of two million dollars insurance. The board reserves the right to request documentation proving adequate insurance.

3. If an accident should occur while driving the keynote speaker, the driver will make every reasonable effort to encourage all involved to access medical attention. Additionally the driver will notify the Board President and Vice President as soon as possible.

By Public Transportation:

1. When necessary, keynote speakers will be transported by taxi-cab or other public transportation and their fares will be reimbursed by Literacy and Learning Day. Receipts must be provided for reimbursement.

2. As a last resort, keynote speakers may utilize a vehicle rental service. Literacy and Learning Day will reimburse the cost incurred. Receipts must be provided for reimbursement.

3. When a keynote speaker is utilizing a vehicle rental service, Literacy and Learning Day will cover extra insurance costs associated with the cost of renting the vehicle.

4. It is expected that the type of vehicle rented by the keynote speaker be reasonable and economical. It is expected that the keynote speaker will utilize transportation services in a responsible manner. Literacy and Learning Day reserves the right to not pay all monies claimed by the keynote speaker if the costs are not directly related to conference business.

Policy Adopted on: September 28, 2008
Last Reviewed: March 19, 2016
Next Review Date: March 2018