Workshop Presenter Reimbursement

Policy Type: Operational [3]

Subtype: Implementational [C]

The Literacy and Learning Day Society of Edmonton strives to attract and retain quality workshop presenters to provide valuable information on a variety of topics. In some cases, offering reimbursement of reasonable expenses may be required to achieve this goal.

1. The Literacy and Learning Day Society of Edmonton (“the society”) expects workshop presenters to act responsibly and professionally when incurring and submitting requests for reimbursement of expenses. The society may reimburse presenters for reasonable expenses, or portions thereof, which are pre-approved by the Organizing Committee Chairperson. These may include a mileage rate, travel fares, accommodations, meals, tips, telephone and fax charges, and costs incurred for the preparation of materials for participants.

2. The Society does not pay for local travel to and from the Literacy Day Venue. If presenters park at, or near, the venue, they may be reimbursed for applicable and appropriate parking fees. The Society will not be responsible for fuel, maintenance, traffic or parking violations.

General guidelines:

• Original receipts are required for reimbursement of all expenses. These expenses include but are not limited to:
 Original travel passes (bus, rail, air)
 Credit card receipts
 Detailed merchant receipts

• Receipts must be accompanied by a summary which outlines:
 The nature of the expense
 The name and titles of the individuals involved
 The purpose for the expense.

• Expense summaries must be submitted with receipts and approved by the Chair of the Organizing Committee.

• All expenses and summaries must be submitted within 30 days to Chair of the Organizing Committee for payment.

Policy Adopted On: October 4, 2014
Last Reviewed:
Next Review Date: October 2016