Organizing Committee

The Function of the Organizing Committee is to oversee the planning and execution of all aspects of the Literacy & Learning Day Conference.

The Organizing Committee, outlined below, consists of:

  • the Chair – who is appointed by the Board
  • 5 Coordinators  – who are selected by the Chair and approved by the Board
  • 11 Crew Leads – who are selected by the Coordinator and approved by the Chair

Chairperson - Wendy Keiver

Logistics Coordinator - VACANT 

  • Hospitality Crew
  • Resource Fair Crew Lead

Participant Coordinator - Holly Aamot

  • Bundling Bee Crew Lead
  • Bag Stuffing Crew Lead
  • Participant Check-in Crew Lead
  • Information & Help Desk Crew Lead

Presenter Coordinator - Celeste Burdinsky

  • Presenter Hospitality Crew Lead 
  • Workshop Hosts Crew Lead
  • Keynote Assistant(s)

Technology Coordinator - Mark Landshoff

  • Tech Support Crew Lead

Volunteer Coordinator - Nicola MacMillan

  •        Volunteer Services Crew Lead


We are currently seeking service volunteers, for the above listed crews, to help our society and assist us in running this years' event. Some "Crew Lead" (Supervisor) Positions are still available as well. Most positions only require a couple of hours of your time, either in advance of the conference, or on that day, and will allow you to attend the workshops you choose. If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please register online as a volunteer! For further information on any of the crews listed, please contact our Organizing Committee Chair or the Volunteer Coordinator.